the way life ebbs & changes

As I was setting up this site I was thinking back to my old blog here, where I wrote about my knit & crochet projects, my art and my life. I was a single mom on the verge of being an empty nester, had just started painting and making art again after a 20 year hiatus from it, and was steadily working on knit and crochet projects that really were a form of stress relief from my job working with survivors of domestic violence. 

Life can change so fast. I have a different day job now, I'm remarried to a great guy and have three awesome stepkids; my daughter is at university creating her own life for herself and I'm so proud of her! She's an artist in her own right. I've moved to a different little town - still in southwest Utah - made new friends, travel more. Still knitting and crocheting away. 

I had a very quiet contemplative life then, a very inner-led life, and maybe we all need times like that where we can just breathe and be more still and come back home to ourselves. My life is a bit more outwardly active and noisier and more chaotic now but there's still that quiet contemplative space inside all that, a space where I can come home to myself when I need to, and it's good. So good! 

How do you handle life's changes? I just try to ebb and flow through them as I go and try not kick and scream against them too much. Which is easier said than done sometimes.