turning inward for the end of the calendar year

So tonight I’m beginning to think about everything that happened this year. What I learned, what surprised me, things I’m grateful for. The good, the bad, the ugly of 2018. Do you do this too? It seems kind of natural this time of year to turn inward and reflect. I’ll be doing this off and on for the next couple weeks, and thinking about what I’d like next year to be like.

This year I decided to get serious about publishing my knit and crochet patterns. I’ve published, I think, 10, at this point. Some free, some not. It’s been an adventure! Made a lot of mistake and there will be more in the future but hopefully I won’t make the same ones too many times. Whenever you start something new there’s a big learning curve. But it’s also fun.

What have you learned or tried this year? Do you like to pick a word or theme for you year in January? Or set goals or intentions? I’d love to hear about how you transition into the new year. Wishing you the best for whatever holidays you might be celebrating, xo ~Heather