ways to get through the holiday madness

I’m a bit of a Grinch this time of year. I don’t like all the pressure to have the perfectly decorated house, perfect holiday card, perfect presents, perfect family….to go to every single holiday event out there….and then there’s work parties and family parties and ugh, it all just feels like too much. I’ve already watched Bad Moms Christmas to get me the mood for it all. It made me laugh so that was good! Here are my top five tips for getting through the holiday madness.

  1. Simplify. Pick your most important or favorite parties/events or traditions, and skip the rest. If you have a hard time saying no, trying saying you’ll take it into consideration to buy yourself some time, then say no, or just don’t follow up. Simplify the gift giving too. Draw names, do a Secret Santa, or just do one gift from each family to the other instead of gifts per person. Put up only your favorite decorations and leave the rest in the box for next year. Anything you can do to prioritize and simplify will cut down on the overwhelm. If you must go to that family or work party you hate, try Martha Beck’s Dysfunctional Family Bingo to lighten the mood at least for yourself.

  2. Make time for down time into your schedule. Solitude or time alone with your spouse/partner (or both!) is crucial this time of year. Put it on your calendar. Even 15 minutes here or there can make a huge difference.

  3. Back to basics. Try to get enough sleep, eat well around all the holiday treats, get a little exercise every day, drink your water, take your meds. You know. The basic self care stuff that can fall by the way side this time of year.

  4. Watch silly movies or do things that make you laugh and lighten up. Personally anything with Will Ferrell instantly cheers me up. Bonus if it’s on Netflix and I can knit in my pajamas while watching. Or you could call that friend who always has a goofy joke to share. Listen to a funny podcast on the way to work. Start a food fight at family dinner? Ok, maybe not that one. Or, maybe? What will get you giggling this month?

  5. Get support if you need it. From anyone you trust or call a hotline if you need to. NAMI is a good place to start if there are mental health issues.

And hey, remember the holiday season will be over in 30 days, give or take. Take it a day at a time and we’ll get there. Hopefully with some enjoyable moments along the way. How do you get through the holiday madness? Leave a comment with your favorite tips!