let's talk temperature blankets

So how many of you have crocheted or knitted a temperature blanket? Or just starting one now for 2019? I’ve been thinking about doing one for a couple years and finally decided to just go for it. I love the idea that it’s like a little journal or a meditation practice, something you do every day….and then at the end of the year you have a gorgeous blanket that is also a record of your life.

So here’s what I found out about them. You choose knit or crochet and you do one row for each day of the year. The colors are based on the temperature range where you live, so you have one color for each temperature range you want to use. You can go all RGB - Roy G Biv - or just pick random colors. Some people have also done temperature scarves, shawls and I even saw one that was for a kid’s senior year at school. It’s basically whatever you want to do.

So here’s how I’m rolling with mine. I decided to go with the high temp. each day (it’s all in farenheit degrees) and I’m using 12 colors. Most info I saw suggested a 10 degree range for each color. I choose to do a 5 degree range for each because I wanted more colors and also, here in the southwest corner of Utah, our daytime temps stay in about a 50-degree range from about 50-90 degrees over the course of the year, with a few really cold days this time of year, and some scorching hot ones in the summer. (yay summer, I can’t wait til it comes around again!)

I made my first row for Jan. 1st in the bottom light blue: 33 degrees (farenheit). Hubby asked me why that color. Because it reminds me of Elsa in Frozen, of course. I’m using white for the summer days when it’s over 100 and white hot!

Each row will be moss stitch crochet. I crochet faster than I knit so it will just be easier although I’ve seen some gorgeous knitted ones as I’ve been surfing around. Maybe next year? I started with about 230 stitches, worsted weight yarn, on a size, I think it’s an H hook. I should up a nice big bedspread size.

And no way in hell I’m weaving in like, 700+ ends. I love fringe anyway, so it’s all gonna be fringe, baby! Or at least this is my plan for now. It may change & evolve as the year progresses.

If you’re working on one too leave a comment, I’d love to follow along with you too!