little crochet poinsettias tutorial

I crocheted these little poinsettias last year around this time. They were so much fun I made a couple more this year! Last year I strung them up with wooden beads into a garland but they can also be tied with ribbon to gifts or hung as tree ornaments…..or whatever you want! There’s been some interest in how I made them so I wrote up a little DIY/pattern.


*scraps of yarn - I used worsted and DK weight for the larger ones, and sock/fingering weight for the small one.

*hook - I used size U.S. size G/6 or 4.00mm; for the smaller one I used U.S. size D/3 or 3.25 mm.

Step 1: make a magic circle - you can find a video tutorial for this by MJ Carlos here.

Step 2: chain 3 (counts as first double crochet) and then make a bobble stitch: yarn over, insert into circle, pull up 2 loops, yarn over, pull hook through 2 loops, yarn over, insert hook into circle and pull up 2 loops, yarn over, pull through all three loops.

Step 3: chain 2, make a bobble stitch: YO (yarn over), insert hook in circle and pull up 2 loops, YO, pull through 2 loops. Repeat from * [2 more times], then pull through all the loops on hook. Now chain 2, make another bobble stitch, and keep going like this until you have 6 bobble stitches with chain-2 spaces between them. Join this round with a slip stitch to the first chain-2 space. Do not turn. We’re just going to keep going around.

Step 4: * skip next bobble stitch, make 2 single crochet (sc) into next chain-2 space; chain 10, make 2 sc in same chain-2 space; repeat from * around until you have [6] chain-10 loops. Join with slip stitch to first sc. Do not turn.

Step 5: skip next 3 stitches, * make 7 sc (single crochet) into next chain-10 loop, chain 3, slip stitch into first chain of chain-3, make 7 more sc into the same chain-10 loop, skip next 2 sc, make slip stitch into next sc, skip next sc, repeat from * around and join with slip stitch to beginning of this round. You should have 6 petals on your poinsettia now and you are done!

Step 6: cut yarn, weave in the ends and have fun decorating with your poinsettia! Let me know what you think after you’ve made some. Happy making!