why I chose the name of my business Bohemian Heart Knits

I’ve been asked a several times lately why the name Bohemian Heart Knits? Am I Bohemian? So I thought a little explanation would be in order.

I chose the name Bohemian Heart Knits for a couple of reasons.

My maternal grandfather’s family came to the U.S. from Bohemia in the Czech Republic and even though I’ve lived my entire life so far in Utah (with some travel outside the U.S.) and I’m still learning about the culture they came from (sadly no one left in the family to share it), I do consider it a beautiful part of my heritage. And yes I can say Bohemia is in my blood. I’ve often been told I take after that side of the family.

The other reason I chose the name is because I was always a bit bohemian with a little ‘b’ - as in artsy, creative, free-spirited, labeled a bit of a rebel but really just trying to be true to who I am and live life on my own terms. It’s an energy that seems to come out in my knit and crochet designs and everything else I create.

If you have any resources for learning more about Bohemia and the Czech Republic, please post in the comments. I’d love to learn more and hope to be able to travel there at some point.

I’m also aware that in the “boho chic” or “bohemian chic” decor and fashion styles (which I love) there is often a certain amount of cultural appropriation that goes on and maybe that is a discussion for another day.