the story behind Hanegan scarf

Hanegan scarf started last fall when I polled my Instagram friends about which of 2 yarns I should use for my next design. This gorgeous green colorway by Queensland Collection Uluru won the poll hands down. It’s a fuzzy, soft, gorgeous mix of cotton, acrylic and polyester that looked so fun to work with.

And it was. And I couldn’t decide what to name this scarf design at first but it seemed to be calling out for a good Irish name (maybe it’s the green colorway? I’m not sure) which is why I gave it my grandma’s maiden name: Hanegan. ⁣

I used to think of her as my fairy godmother, my fairy grandmother, when I was little. She’s been gone many years but here are a few things I remember & love about her: ⁣

1. She always had chocolate and I mean ALWAYS⁣.
2. She never lost her sense of humor even after the Alzheimer’s set in. ⁣
3. She was tiny but gave big bear hugs “Ooooh I could just squeeze you to death!” she would say.
4. She had an abundant life and used it to help many including me⁣. In fact I never knew how many until she passed away.

This pattern will go live on Ravelry Thursday. I’ll try to send a little abundance, laughter & sweetness with it. You’re on your own for the bear hugs, I’m afraid. But if you sign up for my email list you can get 10% off here: (and you’ll still get the free Winter Glam cowl pattern too, yay!)