Celebrating 1 year of designing with a pattern release and CAL

When I hit publish on my first pattern for sale in April 2018, I had no idea what a scary, fun and ultimately rewarding journey it would take me on. One year later I have 10 knit and crochet patterns for sale and have learned so much, not just about the logistics of designing, editing, testing and publishing patterns, but also how to be brave. How to organize and plan my days a little better. How to talk about my creative work. That was a big one because I honestly spend most of my time listening to other people, in my social work career, at home, in line at the grocery store, at the swimming pool, pretty much everywhere there are people. I’m an introvert. I listen more than I talk. People sense that and they talk. A lot.

And to some extent the knit and crochet talks for me. The colors, the designs, the stitch patterns chosen, the name of the pattern. It’s a language all its own and one I’m much more comfortable with than telling my stories verbally.

Brunch on the Patio Shawl

But I’m learning. And so far this first year of designing has been an exciting, enjoyable and only sometimes frustrating-as-hell ride. I’m ready for year two.

The pattern for Brunch on the Patio Shawl pattern is live tonight and the CAL that goes along with it starts tomorrow. Ready, set, go!

I’d love it you’d join us. You can pick up the pattern here and there are a few ways to participate in the CAL:

Instagram:  use the hashtag #BrunchonthePatioCAL and follow my posts @bohoheartknits
Facebook:  join the new Bohemian Heart Knits group 
Ravelry:  there's a Brunch on the Patio CAL thread in my group 

Of course I’ll be posting here too! Looking forward to seeing you there too. Thank you for joining me in this journey. It’s appreciated more than you will probably ever know.