Temperature blanket update!

I don’t know where summer went but all of a sudden it’s back to school time. Not that it feels like fall here yet. We are still having an over-100-degrees heat wave. I haven’t shared my progress on my temperature blanket in a while so it seems like a good time to do that.

I added a couple more colors to my color key in July when I realized that July & August would end up being nothing but white yarn be white yarn (my “100 degree +” category) . So I broke it up into “100 - 105” and “106 - 110” and “111 +” and that added added a bit more color to the hot end of the temperature range.

The blanket is getting big! I’m still thinking I’m going to fringe those ends rather than weave them all in but we’ll see.

I’m sill enjoying working on it regularly. I’ve been using accuweather.com to look at the final high temperature after it’s been recorded for the day so I’m running a day behind, at least, but it’s working better than trying to get the day’s high temperature in real time.

It’s been really interesting seeing how the color stripes come out. When it’s all folded up it looks like more than one blanket but really it’s just all the color and temperature variations showing up in the one blanket.

If you’d like to learn more, here’s my post on how i started mine and here’s one from TL Yarn Crafts that I really like as well.

I can’t wait to see what colors September brings!