how to feel like a luxurious creative goddess without spending a fortune

I believe we can create beautiful functional things with whatever materials & tools we have access to. 

I made this hat last fall with Caron Simply Soft yarn, Sasha Stavsky’s ‘Sarah’s Cabled Hat’ pattern and thrifted needles.

I’ve tried to be a yarn snob now that I can actually afford & have access to more luxurious yarns but it hasn’t worked. I still drool over the cheap mass produced fibers in my local Walmart just like I do over the hand dyed hand spun fibers at a posh knitting shop. For most of my life all I had access to was cheap yarn and tools generously given to me or found dirt cheap at yard sales. 

I love it all. It’s all gorgeous to work with and wear and use. It all makes me feel like a luxurious creative goddess. 

Let me tell you why: it’s a state of mind. And that is something that is accessible to almost anyone, anywhere. When you tap into your passion for your own creative process and make something that feels gorgeous to you, whether the end product is a hat or a hug, it’s the same elegant loving and creative energy that we all have inside ourselves. regardless of how much or little the materials and tools cost.