How to fail at bullet journaling in 1 easy step

So I was gifted this cute journal on my birthday at the end of June and decided to try bullet journaling to organize my knits business deadlines and such, since I’ve heard so much about it. I read up on how to do it and it sounded pretty easy. You can find out more at the original bullet journal website or check out the blog post that I found most helpful here.

It’s a pretty simple system and it really doesn’t have to look as fancy and curated as all the cutesy bullet journal photos on Instagram. Those are fun to look at and maybe fun to decorate too, but seriously, who has the time? I don’t. I kept mine as simple as possible, knowing I wouldn’t keep up with it otherwise. It was going well for about three weeks.

Then I lost the whole journal. For another two - three weeks. Knew it was in the house or my car. Just couldn’t find it.

And that is how to fail at bullet journaling in one easy step! Can’t use it if you can’t find it!

I did eventually find it at the bottom of a basket of knit/crochet projects. Of course. Where else would it have been, right? The thing is, I know I’ll probably lose it again.

Not that I’m not an organized person. I have Virgo rising. I’ve got mad organizing skills. Most of the time.

But the main thing I love about having my own small creative business, is well, the creative freedom of it. Of not having anyone telling me how to run it or what to create or how. Being able to do my own thing, in my own way, according to my own rhythms and cycles. It’s really where my heart is. And we all need something like that in our lives.

I really liked the bullet journal idea and didn’t want to ditch it completely because I do need to be more consistent with my business deadlines and goals. It totally appealed to the Virgo rising in me. But I’ve decided to adapt it and work the system into my sketchbook of ideas that I already keep regularly and never have lost. Then it’s all in one place - the organizational stuff and the creative idea stuff. Hopefully happily co-existing.

I encourage you to try a bullet journal system if you want to. Learn how to do it and then adapt it to how it works best for you, taking the pieces you like and leaving the rest. And I’ll let you know how it goes on the second attempt.