Building community as an introvert? Yeah it's a challenge.

So three weeks into the CAL, and no one is participating. Yikes! Worst nightmare, right?! I went to my online design group over at Aroha Knits Swatch Studio and asked for some advice, got some support and decided to pull the plug on it and will do another one in the future, after working on building more community.

Building community, honestly, is really hard as an introvert. I work with people one on one all day and it’s fine, it’s good, but it is also draining. Introverts get recharged by time alone, not by time with people, although they may like to be around people. I’ve always had jobs where I was in customer service or working with people one on one and have enjoyed it, I’m good at it, I’m a good listener, and empathetic.

But a lot of times when I come home at the end of the day I just want to, well, not spend any more time with people. Not listen to any more stories or problems. I don’t feel like it’s any less draining to be interacting online than in person. I guess some people do? At any rate it’s a matter of keeping the right kind of dynamic balance going for yourself, between people time and alone time.

We had to take that Myers Briggs personality test at work a while back, and no surprise I came out INFP, just like I was when my mom made me take it as a teen.

But you know what, I really love knitting and crocheting and I really love the connections I’ve started to make online and in off because of it. It’s worth it. And hey, live and learn. Life goes on. You try new things, see what works and keep it, see what doesn’t and leave it, and just keep going.

A friend who used to have a yarn shop in the town where I work (and lived for 25 years before remarrying & moving a little further south) has opened a yarn shop again and I stopped in last week and it was really fun to catch up with her. And buy yarn of course.

These last few weeks have been really challenging. Personal issues at home, really challenging stuff going on at work, I’ve been sick with some virus or another and yeah, I’m turning 49 in a couple months. Shit is getting real with the whole menopause thing. Just lotsa stuff going on that I really just don’t want to deal with but that’s life and honestly my life is actually really good so I shouldn’t be complaining. I have really supportive friends and I have family who love me and I”m very fortunate in a lot of ways. And very grateful all the good things in my life.

I’m finally finishing my Stormborn sweater, just in time for GOT to be back on last night. Did you watch? Are you a fan? I was a latecomer to that show but I really enjoy it. Also binge watched the new season of Queer Eye as well. Those guys just make me smile. Make me feel hopeful. I might binge watch it all over again!

What are you working on this week? Are you an introvert too?