Happy Valentine's Day

I love hearts and was looking for the perfect little heart motif to use to make a garland. I found it at Crochet Tea Party here.  I used scraps of cotton and acrylic worsted weight yarn and a size H hook. Once I had enough hearts, I used ribbon scraps and yarn scraps to make the little tassels on the bottom. Just take a piece of ribbon (or I used 3 strands of yarn) and tie a slip knot with it on onto the bottom point of each heart.


Here's how I joined the hearts:  slip stitch in the middle of the 11 treble stitches on the right side of the first heart, then chain 10 stitches. Join with a slip stitch into the middle of the 11 treble stitches on the left side of the same heart. Chain 10 stitches, then repeat on next heart as for first heart. Keep going with 10 chain stitches in between each heart until you've got all your hearts joined. Easy!

If you have any questions let me know! Lotsa love!