this last week

This last week I went to visit friends in Cedar City and then family in Provo, where I grew up. It was nice to have a little road trip by myself and take a little break. There's an amazing knitting shop in Provo called Heindselmann's, that's been there for 100+ years. Of course I didn't get a photo of it because I was too busy drooling over and petting all the yarn! But if you're ever there, check it out, it's right on Center Street in the historical part of town. I bought my first knitting needles there when I was in my 30s and decided to try learning to knit again. There's also a fun bookshop called Pioneer Book that I like to visit. 

I also celebrated my daughter's and niece's birthdays, which just happen to be the same day, a few years apart. And saw some beautiful & inspiring artwork. And caught up with my parents and learned about jelly roll quilts from my mom. It was such a fun trip!

On my #lovelistfriday this week:

~taking time to catch up with friends and loved ones

~book shops with comfy chairs 

~birthday parties :)

~gorgeous yarn (that's always on the list, yes?)

What's on your love list this week? Do you have a local yarn shop you love? Wishing you a great weekend!